Koukash and Beaumont set for boxing bout

Forget Joshua v Klitschko, a boxing match for the ages was agreed last night.

Salford owner Marwan Koukash and Leigh chairman Derek Beaumont have never been scared to take on one another in friendly competition. They are, after all, currently taking part in a weight loss challenge.

But their rivalry went to another level on Monday night when outspoken Koukash confirmed that the two would go head to head in a boxing contest later this year.

Koukash revealed the plans via Twitter, confirming the pair would battle it out in Leeds on the eve of this year’s Grand Final.

“I will beat the s**t out of him,” Koukash said.

Beaumont promptly replied saying: “Ha ha, what makes you think I would visit you in hospital above watching my club in the grand final #deluded.”

Dr Koukash then said: “What makes you think your team will be playing ours in the GF?”

The two currently have a £5,000 wager on a weight loss challenge, with both aiming to reach a target weight of 15-and-a-half stone. The loser will part with their money, which will be split between the Lizzie Jones Foundation and Steve Prescott Foundation.