Koukash: Bulls would still be in Super League if my wife owned them

Salford owner Marwan Koukash has said that if his wife, Mandy, had been allowed to purchase the club earlier this season, then he has no doubts that the club would have remained in Super League.

Mrs Koukash was in the running to buy the club when it was up for sale earlier this year, before current chairman Marc Green assumed control of the club. Since then the Bulls have been relegated from Super League, and have changed coaches after Francis Cummins was replaced by James Lowes.

And Koukash told BBC North West Tonight that if his wife would have taken control at Odsal, there would have been a seven-figure sum available for the coaching staff to go out and spend on players, as well as saying he’s adamant the club would have beaten the drop.

“Unfortunately for some reason or another, my wife wasn’t given the go-ahead to buy Bradford, despite the fact that – in my opinion – she had the best possible bid for Bradford,” he said.

“I know for sure that at that time, there would have been a million pounds available for (former Bradford coach) Francis Cummins to go out and spend on strengthening the team by purchasing players – if she had been able to purchase the club.

“Had she been given the chance at the time, then I’ve no doubt that Bradford would still be in Super League today.”