Koukash launches attack on Catalans and their overseas stars

Marwan Koukash has gone on the attack once again, this time setting his sights on Catalans.

In a showstopping press conference at Salford today, the Red Devils’ owner said it was time for the Super League clubs to split from the RFL.  Among various grievances aired by Koukash, he pointed the finger at the Catalan Dragons, questioning the number of overseas stars they have and what benefit they bring to Super League.

“When I look at their players closely, I notice there are at least nine overseas players – and I’m not counting Broughton and Myler,” Koukash said. “Nine non-European players, when every team is only allowed seven. So how are they allowed only nine? Rugby League is a small village and for us owners, we get offered players who have to go somewhere else – every agent will shop a player around.

“After our game, I put a value down as to what I thought the Catalan’s starting 13 was worth and it was more than £1.825m.

“What have we achieved in investing so much money in France? We contribute to their local economy; when our fans go over there they must contribute at least £10m to the local economy. But their team doesn’t bring any fans here at all.

“Nor is the number of French players playing in the team, the 65% we were told it would be, but for the RFL, the Catalans is their baby.  We look at the disciplinary decisions – like what Dave Taylor has done to our players – and we just say it’s ok, but if one of our players had done it to one of their’s the punishment would have been a lot more severe.

“I’ve nothing against the Catalan Dragons, it’s the governing body who allows them to get away with things like this.”