Koukash responds to League Express story on salary cap row in series of tweets

Salford owner Marwan Koukash has responded to League Express’ article in which Bradford Bulls chairman Marc Green questions Salford’s dealings with the salary cap, with Koukash vowing to clear the club’s name.

In a major exclusive, League Express has received a number of letters from an unnamed source in which Green questions Salford’s dealings with the salary cap, particularly focusing on the transfer of Tony Puletua from St Helens and his wage.

The news quickly made waves on social media, before Koukash himself was made aware of the piece.

It prompted Salford’s most popular tweeter to respond to the article in a series of tweets, stating: “Since early October, we have been fully cooperating with the RFL investigators and will continue to do so to clear our name.”

Koukash also had a parting dig at Green as the argument intensified on Twitter.

To read the full story, with transcripts from the letters exchanged between Green and the RFL, buy this week’s League Express, available in stores or alternatively online at this link.