Koukash says his fight with the RFL “will not end”

Salford Red Devils owner Marwan Koukash has stressed that his fight with the Rugby Football League “will not end” despite them failing to overturn their six-point deduction for breaching the salary cap.

Speaking to Sky Sports News in the aftermath of the decision made by an independent tribunal, Koukash has said he will not end his quest to take down the RFL – saying he will “expose them for what they are”.

He said: “The RFL will have questions to answer because this is not going to end,

“Right now I feel it’s unjust. OK, we’ve done something wrong in not declaring the payments to players but is that really worth a six-point deduction?

“Once I get a written judgement I’ll run it past my QC and it won’t end there. The RFL have questions to answer and I will not stop here – this is not the end. It might be the end as far as us getting the six points back to compete in the top eight but my fight with the RFL is not over.

“They will be exposed for what they are.”

Koukash was also adamant his club did not breach the cap.

“We did not break the salary cap the six-point deductions are for breaching operational rules and that’s for making three payments to players in 2013 that we failed to declare.

“If you add those payments to our cap we still don’t breach it. I was absolutely confident yesterday that we hadn’t breached it and we still maintain that – but we can’t argue against the payments made. For whatever reason it was we didn’t declare them to the RFL but that doesn’t take us over the cap.

“We’ll go down in history to be the only club to have six points deducted without breaching the salary cap.”