Kyle Amor praises Wheelchair Rugby League

St Helens prop forward Kyle Amor admits that he was mightily impressed by the quality of the performances and the entertainment value of the two Wheelchair Rugby League internationals between England and France that were played at Medway Park in Kent last week.

England went down to a 26-39 defeat on Saturday, which followed a 24-49 defeat at the same venue three days earlier, with Amor having been a co-commentator for the BBC on the first of those games.

“I think Wheelchair Rugby League is incredible, I got involved with it the first time at the Grand Final when Leeds played Leyland Warriors. It was a brand new sport to me,” Amor told League Express.

“I got asked to help with the commentary after doing the Women’s Super League but I had no idea about anything to do with it.

“I enjoy commentating and covering the wheelchair game has given me a greater appreciation of the art of commentary, given the research I had to do to inform the viewers.

“The wheelchair game is so fast and so much is happening. I have spoken to people who have watched it on TV but when you watch it live you have even greater appreciation of what is in front of you.

“To be able to catch a ball and accelerate while manipulating a wheelchair is an incredible skill.

“I would love to have a go myself to appreciate how difficult it is.

“There are some great stories about diversity in these games. There are several examples of brothers, one disabled and one able-bodied, who can only play together in Wheelchair Rugby League, such as the Clausells brothers for France.

“We talk about Rugby League being the family game and the wheelchair game illustrates that perfectly.

“The French side won the World Cup in 2013 and 2017. They are the dominant side in the world and in this series the two best sides in the world were going at it.

“It’s a new sport to me and I imagine it will be a new sport for many people. It literally goes end to end.

“I’m grateful to those people who have seen me doing Women’s Rugby League and have complimented my commentary. A lot of people have helped me.

“After the Grand Final Brian Carney collared me and made some nice comments. To hear things back from people like that is reassuring.”

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