League Express readers split on NRL

League Express readers are split on their interest in the NRL their readers’ poll has suggested.

Without domestic Rugby League, the paper’s NRL coverage has increased so each game is covered by a half-page report instead of the usual two-page round up.

With Sky Sports showing all eight games every week during the lockdown in the UK, interest in the competition has increased but with the Super League returning this week, 50 percent of readers say they’d be happy if the NRL wasn’t covered in the paper.

That being said, the other half would like to see coverage continued. 14 percent of those would like it reduced, 20 percent are in favour of maintaining the level of coverage while 16 percent want it increased.

Meanwhile, this week, the poll is asking readers what action to take regarding Toronto’s withdrawal from Super League.

The options are: 

Recognise that the Wolfpack have faced appalling circumstances, reinstate them in Super League next year, and give them a share of the Sky broadcast income.

Reinstate them in Super League next year but without a share of the Sky income.

Reinstate them in Super League next year but fine them several thousand pounds.

Relegate them to the Championship.

Relegate them to League 1.

Exclude them from all RFL competitions.