LEAGUE EXPRESS TEASER: Stevie Ward on England hopes

Ahead of the naming of England’s 24-man squad for the Four Nations on Monday, we caught up with one of the surprise names in the initial train-on squad, Leeds forward Stevie Ward. Here’s a snippet of what he had to say – the full interview is in Monday’s League Express! 

“It was definitely a surprise,” he admits.

“I remember getting an email just after the last game of the season saying I would be involved in the train-on squad with Paul Anderson and the coaching staff.

“I was a little surprised, but thinking back to being involved in the meeting earlier in the year, I should have earmarked it might happen, just in case.

“It took me by surprise though! Obviously I only played those four games at the back end of the year but they were games I were really happy with, and I’ve been delighted with how things have gone.

“I’ll be sat by the phone anticipating some good news with a bit of luck.”

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