Leigh owner Derek Beaumont reveals personal tragedy as he plans club’s future

Leigh owner Derek Beaumont has revealed he has suffered personal tragedy in the past few months.

In a statement issued to supporters, Beaumont revealed he had lost both his father and his grandma in recent times.

“I am sure you will all understand my absence over this period, as a result of my own circumstances,” he said.

“I had been fighting very hard to get the Championship up and running until my loss but in the end was unable to succeed.”

Beaumont revealed the news as he outlined the club’s future plans, confirming they had yet to decided whether to enter the RFL’s Autumn competition.

The club has asked supporters to inform them whether they intend to seek refunds by the end of the week so they can plan their budgets for next season.

“Should we compete in the proposed competition it will mean forgoing the furlough for September and October and incurring significant operational costs for a competition that does not provide promotion and a prize fund that doesn’t meet those costs,” Beaumont said.

“Therefore in order for me to make a decision on whether to enter the competition, (which I believe should not be optional as if you’re able to work you shouldn’t be able to furlough) and more significantly enable John to make the signings of existing and new players where required, I need to know the position of fans and sponsors that would seek a refund.

“I have always said that ultimately as owner and as an operational board we are simply custodians of the Club. The people of the town own the Club and ultimately here get to somewhat decide the path of its future.”

He continued: “Given our season ticket holders are deemed to be our most loyal fans I would hope that we can all equally share the burden of the situation that nobody could have foreseen.

“If this is the case then you have my word I will ensure that there is a very strong team put together for next season to make a very serious claim for a place in Super League and who knows that dream of a magical return to Wembley in 2021. If not, then we will deal with the circumstances openly and honestly and update everyone throughout.”