Leigh owner loses a stone in two weeks

Derek Beaumont’s race to lose weight for charity has started in style, after losing over a stone in a fortnight.

The Leigh owner has teamed up with Marwan Koukash to take part in a weight loss challenge in the name of charity, with all proceeds raised going towards the Steve Prescott Foundation and Lizzie Jones Foundation.

Both Beaumont and Koukash have been working hard to shed the pounds ahead of Christmas, with Beaumont enjoying particular success already having dropped 15 pounds, while Koukash has also lost around a stone, dropping to 17 stone seven.

“It’s only the beginning but today’s results have kick started me to rip in even more!

“More than anything though the great inner feeling training, eating healthily and not drinking has given me is amazing, Drinking four litres of water a day sounds a lot but in small bottles throughout the day it’s easy and my skin is miles better for it. My only regret is I have waited until now to do it!

“We welcome other individuals who want to follow suit on improving their health with weight loss and exercise sending us their starting weight and end goal for May to email: docanddek@leighrl.co.uk so we can add them to the Challenge and promote their achievements, along with ours, leading up to the final weigh-in at Newcastle.”

Both men are looking to reach the 15-and-a-half stone mark, meaning they will both need to lose around three stone.

The loser between the pair will part with £5,000, while both will give £1,000 for every pound they are short of their target weight.