Leigh and Salford owners to appear on daytime TV next week

Leigh and Salford owners Derek Beaumont and Marwan Koukash will appear together on daytime television next week!

Beaumont and Koukash will appear on the ITV programme Judge Rinder on Tuesday, 25th April at 2pm in a battle concerning Leigh’s signing of Gareth Hock from Salford and his subsequent appearance against his former club in the Challenge Cup in 2015.

Beaumont said: “Whilst Marwan and me are good friends now it didn’t start that way with the business over Gaz.

“Whilst we resolved that to a point, there was always a slight niggle that we had put to one side.

“So when the opportunity came about it was good to take it up to see how it would be perceived by a judge and who better than Judge Rinder?”

The respective club owners are also engaged in another battle- a weight loss challenge to be the Biggest Loser in the Betfred Super League which will be revealed before their sides meet in the Dacia Magic weekend at the Sports Direct Arena on 21st May.

Derek added: “It was great to have a bit of fun whilst resolving a genuine issue and to be able to do it in an informal way that brings some attention to the game of Rugby League to a massive mainstream daytime audience.

“It is well known we are both outspoken and not shy of the cameras and that we do our best to create attention for our great game.

“Judge Rinder was great fun, and apart from being an extremely intelligent man, he is a very funny guy as you will see. I have no doubt those that know Marwan and me will be watching to see if we received the famous Judge Rinder ‘pfffttt’ to pipe down whilst he talked.

“I hope people tune in and enjoy it for what it is. It’s currently one-nil to Marwan with Salford having beaten us on the field (on Good Friday) so this could be my chance to equalise before the weigh-in at the Dacia Magic Weekend.

“Whether that happens will remain to be seen until the show is screened on the 25th April.”