Lenagan calls on Super League clubs to raise their own standards

Ian Lenagan has warned existing Super League clubs that standards must improve across the board if their attempts to rejuvenate the competition are to be successful.

The Wigan owner, alongside St Helens and Warrington counterparts Eamonn McManus and Simon Moran, spoke passionately about refocusing the attraction of Super League all across the board.

However, Lenagan acknowledged that to do so will require improving standards within the 12 clubs themselves.

An overall decline in attendances has been ongoing in the sport for some time, while many clubs are struggling to be profitable.

And Lenagan admitted that clubs must be willing to find ways to turn that around if their push for a stronger Super League is to be successful.

“There is a complete awareness among Super League clubs that standards have to improve dramatically,” he said.

“Performances have got to improve, finances have got to improve, marketing has got to improve. But we must fix the game’s structure problems first, then it’s up to the clubs and the new Super League Executive.

“There are six or seven SL owners and clubs who do a great job. There are others that have temporary problems and others with perhaps more permanent problems. But if you look at the Premier League and Rugby Union, it’s the same. Rugby league like these other sports has some strong Championship clubs, able to take the place of Super League clubs.”

However, Lenagan also believes the sport must change its mentality, and focus on the positives taking place in the sport.

“We should focus on our positives rather than our negatives and promote extensively the top tier of our game – Super League – whilst continuing to fund the rest of the game and promotion/relegation.

“Time is now of the essence to get on with the future before it’s too late.”

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