Lingard keen to remain with Cougars

Keighley head coach Craig Lingard has hailed the club’s hierarchy for steadying the ship after a turbulent couple of years, and is keen to remain at the club.
Chairman Mick O’Neill and Director Mike Smith, who were in control of the club during the height of Cougarmania, returned to the club again at the start of the season, saving them from administration.
Lingard then made a U-turn on his decision to initially leave as coach and has paid tribute to their work behind the scenes in rejuvenating the club.
“They’re still making all the right noises, behind the scenes,” he said. “They’re a bit older and smarter now, they’re not going to be as in your face as before, the way that they’re doing things now is spot on.
“The changes they’re making are all great for the club and, most importantly, there are local people involved. They’re paying to renovate the away dressing room to become a much more fit-for-purpose home dressing room. The way they’re looking after the players has been great as well.”
With the 1st May window looming for formally discussing player contracts for 2020, Lingard admitted that his future is paramount for the ease of that process.
“The first question asked by players at the club, or from other clubs, is who’s the coach next year,” he added.
“That’s not been formalised as of yet, my contract is up at the end of the year, and we have had no discussions to extend or terminate it.
“After the previous two years, where it’s all been crazy, it would be nice to see a bit of stability there. But certainly, for next season, we will need to know who’s coaching before we can assemble a squad.”