Lingard set for Keighley u-turn

Craig Lingard will make a dramatic U-turn on his decision to leave Keighley Cougars, now that the players at the club have received their outstanding wages.

While the coaching team and some members of staff are still waiting for what is owed to them, the players who have stayed loyal to the club are set to return to pre-season training on Tuesday (December 11).

Former general manager Steve Gill will meet with RFL officials today (Monday) to try to remove the club from special measures and, if that is a success, Lingard admits that he and Gill could return to Cougar Park for 2019.

“The players were all finally paid by the end of last week so now the club can finally move forward,” Lingard told League Express.

“The issue of staff wages is still to be settled and a few players have discrepancies over what they thought they were due and what has been paid, but it’s only a few guys debating what the final amount it.

“Now that the players have been paid I’d hope that getting out of special measures will be a formality, and if that happens and players can be signed and registered, then our plans can progress.

“The club now just needs to get a plan in place to pay the staff and then that’s all the debt paid.”

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