List of free agents following Toronto Wolfpack and Ottawa Aces withdrawals

The demise of Toronto Wolfpack and deferral of Ottawa Aces has had a significant impact on the landscape of the 2021 season.

The Wolfpack’s expulsion has had obvious ramifications while it also means a current Championship club will play in Super League next season. As such, a League 1 club is likely to be promoted to Championship to replace the successful applicant.

But beyond that, the non-participation of the two Canadian impacts has left numerous players without a club and on the lookout for new employment.

A great deal of sympathy needs to go the way of the players, who are the innocent victims in all of this.

For some, they have given up jobs to take up full-time jobs while for others, they were earning their first full-time deals.

They are now searching for contracts at a time when most clubs have done the majority of their recruitment.

From a Toronto perspective, some of their players have already secured deals, though many are still unattached.

There’s a great deal of talent available, and here’s a list of who is available.

Toronto Wolfpack
Sonny Bill Williams
Chase Stanley
Josh McCrone
Ricky Leutele
Darcy Lussick
Tom Olbison
Andrew Dixon
Adam Sidlow
Ryan Hall
Stevie Ward
Ben Flower
Paul Brearley

Ottawa Aces
Louis Jouffret
Tom Gilmore
Matty Fozard
Ted Chapelhow
Jay Chapelhow
Sam Wilde
Pat Moran
Gavin Marguerite
Dec O’Donnell
Sam Luckley
Olly Ashall-Bott
Jack Johnson
Clement Boyer
Calvin Wellington
Guy Armitage
Jake Moore
Adam Lawton