London set to move venues in 2016 and leave The Hive

London Broncos are set for another change of venue in 2016, with a departure from The Hive likely to be followed with a move to the west of the capital in Ealing.

The Broncos have ground-shared with Barnet FC over the last two seasons, but will now look for different venues after head coach Andrew Henderson admitted they have to explore other options for the good of the club.

“I don’t think we’ve hidden away from the fact that we are looking at alternative venues,” said Henderson.

“There has been a deal put on the table from the Hive, which the club have looked at and at this stage they are exploring other options and one of those options is a rugby union club. At this stage a final decision hasn’t been made on where we’re going to be playing but I would say it’s very unlikely we’ll be at the Hive next season.

“We have to rebuild this club now and, if that means we have to move somewhere else where it’s going to be more cost-effective and also allow us to become a club, then that’s what we’ll do.”