Rowley calls for earlier transfer deadline

Leigh Centurions coach Paul Rowley believes that the signing frenzy of some clubs has uncovered a flaw in the game’s new structure – and believes the signing deadline should be earlier than it currently is.

Clubs had until close of play last Friday to complete transfers, with the likes of Wakefield, Bradford and Salford – all clubs competing with Leigh in the Qualifiers – signing numerous players in the final couple of weeks before the deadline.

And Rowley told the Press Association that there’s a loophole in the system with the flurry of late signatures, and whilst he insisted nobody has broken any rules, he thinks an earlier deadline would be of greater benefit.

“I think it’s highlighted the first flaw,” Rowley said. “You can effectively be poor all year in Super League and then go on a bargain-bucket spending spree right at the end to retain your Super League status.

“That deadline needs to come in a lot earlier, maybe a month or two, to make them actually take a gamble if they’re going to bring people in.

“We said we weren’t going to do that. That’s their prerogative, they’re the rules, nobody has broken any rules, so we’ll see what happens.”