Losses due to club investment, says Ian Lenagan

Wigan Warriors chairman Ian Lenagan has revealed that the loss of almost £500,000 posted by the club is due to heavy investment across the club, not through loss of trading.

Lenagan expects the Warriors to break even this financial year after the losses for year ending November 2014, which he says were due to projects such as their training facility at Orrell being improved and other projects – saying it was “money well spent”.

“The loss reflects the investment we’ve made, and not a loss of trading,” he told the Wigan Today website.

“There’s nothing unexpected about it, and it was money well spent.

“Look at Central Park, the facility at Orrell, the extra investment in the gym, the TV studio.. there were a range of investments to improve facilities and help grow the business.”

According to Wigan Today, Lenagan also plugged the deficit from his own pocket.

“In the last six years of ownership we had five of making a profit, and one of loss,” he added.

“We can forecast what’s going to happen this year and, depending how the season finishes, we should break even.

“We may even make a small profit.”