Mal Meninga backs Toronto Wolfpack in their quest for Super League redemption

Australia head coach Mal Meninga has shown his support for Toronto Wolfpack as they seek readmission to Super League.

Meninga, one of the game’s all-time greats, believes the club is pivotal to the growth of the game.

The Kangaroos were due to have a warm-up game in Toronto before their Test series with England, however, it has now been cancelled due to Covid-19.

Toronto are seeking reentry next year after withdrawing from the competition on the eve of the season, while their players are yet to be paid after more than three months.

“From an international point of view I would love to see them competing at the top level so it is pretty exciting for the world game if they are able to keep going,” Meninga told

“If the vision is to grow the game globally and you do that out of the English Super League into North America, then the Wolfpack become a very important cog in that.

“If we can get that right and it becomes successful then that will create other interest within the United States as well.

“To have a trans-Atlantic Super League is a dream and I think we need to have those visions for the game to grow.”