Manchester Rangers looking for professional future

Manchester Rangers are targeting a professional future in the world of Rugby League, after announcing this week that they will play their 2015 fixtures in a high-profile facility.

The Rangers will play all of the clubs home fixtures will be played out of the Manchester Regional Arena, part of the Etihad campus.

The move to the Regional Arena, with a capacity of 6500, is seen an integral step in the development of both Manchester Rangers RLFC and of rugby league in the City of Manchester.

And club chairman Phil Fitton said that it is a huge step in moving towards becoming a professional outfit.

He said: “It is an historic day for Rugby League in the City of Manchester, we outlined our plans for a professional club in Manchester and over the last two years we have been working closely with numerous organisations to lay the foundations for this to happen.

“Manchester is a sporting hotbed and we believe Rugby League can thrive at a professional level within the City. We can’t thank Eastlands Trust and Manchester City Council enough for their ongoing support and guidance to aid us in our vision.”