Mayor of Warrington resigns after comments about King brothers

The Mayor of Warrington has officially resigned following the storm concerning comments he made about Warrington Wolves brothers George and Toby King.

Les Morgan commented in a Facebook group in the hours after the Wolves’ loss to Hull on Friday on a discussion noting: “Who is worse, Toby or George King? You decide?”

Morgan said that it was ‘a pity that their parents ever met’, sparking a huge backlash from supporters over the comments.

And now it has been confirmed by the Warrington Guardian that Morgan, who was only sworn in as Mayor last May, has now officially resigned.

Earlier in the week, Morgan said of the comments: “It was a silly thing to do.

“There were far worse comments but that does not make mine right. It was totally wrong and I sincerely apologise.

“I am quite prepared to meet the two King brothers, if that is what they want, to show how sincere the apology is.”