McDermott “cool” with Hetherington’s email

Brian McDermott has insisted he has no qualms with Gary Hetherington’s email to Leeds supporters and confirmed he approved the message.

Following the backlash from Leeds’ embarrassing 66-10 defeat to Castleford last week, the Rhinos chief executive sent an email out to supporters detailing the club’s recent issues.

Within it, Hetherington discussed the importance of the next four games and he is not “stubborn enough to believe no change is always the best option.”

Those comments resulted in some speculating that McDermott’s position at the club was under threat for the first time since his arrival in 2010.

The departure of the 46-year-old was requested by a section of the club’s support last year, with more fans seemingly turning on McDermott after their defeat to Castleford last Friday.

But when asked about the email and the permutations behind some of Hetherington’s comments, McDermott said: “That was more of a club letter – I’m keen to stress that.

“Gary rang me up and cleared that letter with me; it wasn’t a case of Gary Hetherington now makes a decision.

“That was a club letter really and Gary signs that one off. “The decision that we make or any decisions that will be made will be made as a group and there’s no shirking away that after last Thursday we need to stand up and be counted and bear the brunt of it. “I’m cool with what he said in that I’ve no drama with anything that he said.

“There’s some lines in there where you might think ‘what does that mean?’ or ‘does that mean he’s only got four games?’

“I think what Gary – the club – is saying and what we’re saying is that we are not just going to change after just one game.

“There’s some obvious questions that will be asked and we’re not just going to do it because we had a really bad day at the office.”