McDermott “philosophical” following Toronto’s heavy defeat

Brian McDermott believes Toronto can now move forward after suffering a beating at the hands of Leeds.

McDermott watched on as the Wolfpack were mauled by the Rhinos, suffering a 66-12 drubbing.

It was the Wolfpack’s heaviest defeat of the season and a sixth straight defeat, leaving them bottom of Super League.

Though admitting his team were not good enough, he believes they will draw on the experiences in the long-term.

“If we’re going to do anything this year that has to happen to us, that level of performance has to happen.

“We have to find out just how bad we can be and that was bad tonight. It wasn’t without its moments. I thought the Rhinos were white-hot with the ball, it has to be said. Every time we tried to make it a contest we were just too good.

“A bit like last week I’m reflecting on what wasn’t a great performance, but there were some bits in there where I just see the fellas not giving up. We’re clearly having a rough run at the moment, we’re clearly not getting the bounce of the ball, we’re clearly not good enough on defence. There are a few things going against us right now but this has to happen. If any team is going to grow or do anything special through a year, usually you find out how ugly you are, and we did.

“When everybody else is think that’s it, done, they’re finished, how bad was that, if you hold your nerve and maintain a bit of calm a bit of positivity can come out of a really poor performance like that. You find out who ugly you are and how bad you can be. It helps you to strategically plan going forward. It doesn’t mean everything is OK about tonight, it doesn’t mean we accept it or are happy about it, but I’m not in charge of a group of blokes who don’t care and that’s my primary concern. I’m not in charge of a group of blokes who are starting to doubt or not believe in what we can do. That would be my fear, my mantra with those blokes to keep making sure that they believe, even though they’re having a hell of a rough moment during games.

“I’m a bit philosophical, not only about tonight but where we are over the next two or three weeks. We have played a lot of the perceived top teams in the league.”