McDermott wary of dangerous Wakefield

Brian McDermott insists Leeds will make the most of being dumped out of the Challenge Cup as they go in search of another Grand Final crown.

The Rhinos face Wakefield this week, a week since dispatching of World Champions Wigan to stengthen their grip on second place.

Last week’s triumph followed a disappointing semi-final defeat to Hull FC in the Challenge Cup, a result that hit the club hard.

However the Rhinos can now focus their attentions on making the Grand Final, and although McDermott refused to describe their cup exit as a positive, he admitted it allowed them to shift their focus efficiently.

“Give me a scenario and we’ll make it work,” McDermott said.

“The scenario at the minute is that we’re not in the Challenge Cup so we will make it work.

“Not being in it is not a guarantee that you will be fresher or have more energy moving towards the Grand Final.

“Historically you give players some time off to rest their bodies and freshen up, bearing in mind they are all walking around with something that will keep normal men in bed.

“Whether it’s a positive or not I don’t think I’d go that far, but I liked the word Stevie [Ward] used, it gives you some clarity.”

Leeds face a Wakefield side that have performed admirably this season, but have slipped off in recent weeks and suffered a heavy defeat to Huddersfield last time out.

But McDermott is expecting a more resolute Wakefield side to turn up against the Rhinos.

“There’ll be a reaction. They’ve been in good shape this year Wakefield. They’ve played pretty well and been pretty consistent.

“Just recently they’ve blipped a little bit, especially last week. But it’s in the locker for them, they don’t have to dig too deep into that locker to get a good performance.

“I think it’s very good. I think Chris Chester has brought some stability to them coaching wise. He’s brought some on field sense if you like.

“When they’ve been losing games they’ve not been far off either.”