Meninga hits back at Bennett’s spoiler tactics claim

Mal Meninga has hit out at Wayne Bennett’s claims Australia are slowing rucks down illegally – by providing evidence of England doing exactly the same thing.

Ahead of Saturday’s showdown, Meninga addressed the media and produced seven images of three England players in the ruck during their semi-final with Tonga.

It came after Bennett claimed Australia have been using illegal tactics during the tournament, although Meninga laughed off those claims.

“I might show you some pictures. It happens every week in the NRL – it’s just a bit of mind games,” said Meninga.

“It’s part of the theatre of big games. They want to win, we want to win – it all adds to the drama of a Rugby League World Cup final.”

The relationship between Bennett and Meninga is understood to have soured in recent years, with claims that Bennett fell out with Meninga after missing out on the Australia job two years ago.

“We don’t want to make it about me and Wayne.

“Banter is good and if Wayne feels he needs to add to it I am happy to return serve.”