Mokdad released from Jail in UAE

Sol Mokdad, who was jailed in the United Arab Emirates for organising a Rugby League competition that gave rise to complaints from the United Arab Emirates Rugby (Union) Federation that he had acted without government approval, has now been released from prison and has left the UAE.

The Rugby League International Federation has issued a statement confirming the latest development in this ongoing situation.

“The Rugby League International Federation is pleased to confirm that Mr Sol Mokdad has been released from custody following the withdrawal of charges made by the UAERF (United Arab Emirates Rugby Federation),” says the statement.

“Mr Mokdad has now departed from the UAE.

Following discussions with GAYSW (General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare), the RLIF is now pursuing all necessary approvals for the appropriate representation of Rugby League in accordance with UAE law and process and consistent with the Constitution and Membership criteria of the Rugby League International Federation. The RLIF is grateful to GAYSW for their review of the position concerning the sport of Rugby League.”