More departures expected from Toronto as McDermott reveals salary cap movement incoming

Brian McDermott admitted further player departures are to be expected from Toronto as the club tries to sort out its salary cap.

Chase Stanley played in their Challenge Cup victory over Huddersfield on Wednesday, despite not being named in their initial squad.

McDermott confirmed that was due to the fact Stanley could not be registered at the time as he would have taken the Wolfpack over the salary cap. It was only after Gary Wheeler left the club that Stanley could then be registered and the Wolfpack be salary cap compliant.

However, with Tony Gigot’s trial ending at the weekend, Toronto will now have to move on more players to keep the Frenchman, as his new salary would take on a higher cap value than it is at present.

It means Toronto are likely to move players on imminently, while also trying to bolster their squad at the same time.

“I don’t mind telling you that we need further re-jigging of the squad, maybe bring in one or two blokes. I don’t believe what we’ve got at the moment will be good enough to stave us off from relegation. So, while that’s probably not the most positive thing you’ve ever heard me say, it’s real and it’s something that we’re very conscious of.

“I’ve got to make some tough decisions myself, some really tough decisions, and they won’t be easy decisions because whoever leaves or makes room, they’re all good blokes but these things have got to be done.

“Martin Vickers has worked tirelessly for a month now, talking to agents, owners of clubs, the RFL, working out what we can do. Everything is within the rules, we’re trying to make that work for us. Me and Martin meet three times a week at least, discuss what we can do and how we can do things.”