Mose Masoe’s remarkable recovery continues

Mose Masoe has revealed he has started to walk again with the assistance of crutches.

The forward, who was forced to retire after a serious spinal injury, has shown remarkable progress after being paralysed from the shoulders down.

He revealed last week that he was set to be forced out of hospital and back home due to the coronavirus crisis, however, doctors ensured he could stay.

From there, his recovery has stepped up.

“The spinal ward wants to stay the spinal ward, but with the coronavirus, I think it’s safer for people to go home,” he told Sky Sports.

“The very next day, I think our consultancy were fighting for us to stay spinal because they knew how important it was. I’m very lucky to be in here for another week. I was stoked!”

“In just one week I’ve learnt how to transfer from my chair into a bath chair, I’ve started to walk with crutches, I’ve got my own walking frame, so I walk around my bed just with a frame. The physios have been awesome.”