Most diverse ever Match Official appointments for European Championship

The 2018 European Championship match officials list has been confirmed, with the group drawn from seven of the RLEF’s ember federations, the most diverse representation ever.

A number of graduates from the RLEFs part EU-funded technical development programmes will feature after the appointments were made by the recently formed RLEF Match Officials Panel, made up of Steve Ganson (RFL), Mohammed Drizza (FFRXIII) and Tom Mather (RLEF).

“It’s very pleasing to see such a number of federations being represented in the match officials appointments,” said match commissioner David Butler, also a graded referee. “The MOP was formed to create greater cooperation between The RLEF and key governing body partners to ensure a pathway across the continent, and it is already bearing fruit.”

The European Championship matches which kick off tomorrow (Saturday) also double as 2021 Rugby League World Cup qualifiers. Butler noted: “The RLEF has a target of at least one match official graduating from its various education programmes being involved in the 2021 Rugby League World Cup, and the appointments for this year’s European Championship point to that being achievable.”

A Frenchman, Benjamin Casty – brother of Catalans Dragons skipper and recently retired international Remi – will referee a European Championship game for the first time since the RLEF was created.

Andrew Pilkington (Spain) will touch judge, whilst Jarda Bzoch (Czech Republic) will be one of the reserve officials as will Guido Bonatti (Italy). Both Pilkington and Bonatti have refereed Euro B and Euro C games this season. Irish duo Paul Causby and Eamonn Whelan, and Welshman Jamie Jones will also act as reserve officials.

The appointments also see the largest contingent of French officials selected for a European Championship, with six being involved. Furthermore, Geoffrey Poumes will also travel to the USA to be part of the MO squad for the 2021 RLWC Americas qualifying games.

The full match officials appointments are:

Ireland v Scotland
Referee: Tom Grant (England)
TJ: Jack Pullein (England)
TJ: Liam Moore (England)
Reserve: Paul Causby (Ireland)
Reserve: Eamonn Whelan (Ireland)
Match Commisioner: David Butler (England)

France v Wales
Referee: James Child (England)
TJ: Cameron Worsley (England)
TJ: Geoffrey Poumes (France)
Reserve: Quentin Boissannade (France)
Reserve: Kevin Delarose (France)
Match Commisioner: Remod Safi (Lebanon)

Ireland v France
Referee: Scott Mikalauskas (England)
Touch Judge: John McMullen (England)
Touch Judge: Andrew Pilkington (Spain)
Reserve: Jarda Bzoch (Czechia)
Reserve: Michael Mannifield (England)
Match Commissioner: David Butler (England)

Scotland v Wales
Referee: Ben Casty (France)
Touch Judge: Quentin Boissannade (France)
Touch Judge: Gareth Jones (England)
Reserve: Craig Smith (England)
Reserve: Guido Bonnatti (Italy)
Match Commissioner: Phil Smith (England)

Wales v Ireland
Referee: Gareth Hewer (England)
Touch Judge: Andrew Smith (England)
Touch Judge: Paul Marklove (England)
Reserve: Gareth Jones (England)
Reserve: Jamie Jones (Wales)
Match Commissioner: David Butler (England)

France v Scotland
Referee: Greg Dolan (England)
Touch Judge: Craig Smith (England)
Touch Judge: Cyril Vergnes (France)
Reserve: Sebastian Vincent (France)
Reserve: Ben Casty (France)
Match Commissioner: Phil Smith (England)