New Coaches Accredited in Greece

Continued RLEF development work in Greece saw fourteen candidates from Athens, Patras and Rhodes attended a Level 1 Coaching course in Athens, delivered by traineee Level 1 Coach Educators Michalis Chatziioannou and Vasilios Lampadochytos, supported by Nikolas Hatzinikolau. The Greek educators were trained by Italy’s Tiziano Franchini, as part of the RLEF’s new training and education portal, and RLEF coach manager Martin Crick oversaw the five-days.

“After taking Level 1 and 2 courses abroad, it was great to finally deliver the course back in Greece,” commented Chatziioannou, who attended a similar event in Sweden in August as well as the launch of the RLEF’s new Level 2 Coach qualification in Leeds last month.

“All candidates were very keen to learn and that made the sessions both in the class and on the pitch very productive. They had the chance to see the game from a different angle and think as coaches. The seminar had a good response and great enthusiasm. Some candidates travelled from far away to participate. They are all ready to coach the game and I’m sure it’s a big step for the future of rugby league in Greece.”

Attica Rhinos captain / assistant coach, Ioannis Nake, a course participant added: “I learned so much and look forward to using this knowledge now to help improve my team and the quality of our training sessions.”

Patras player / coach Andreas Antonopoulos was similarly enthused: “We travelled as a group of seven from to take part in the course. We now feel we have all the means to properly adjust our training methods and rise to our challenge of transitioning into rugby league. Also, I feel very fortunate that we have two outstanding coach educators now in Greece to help guide us along the way.”