New football club partnership could see two major benefits for Super League’s Wakefield Trinity

WAKEFIELD TRINITY and Wakefield FC signed an agreement over the weekend that will see the football club play out their home games at Belle Vue.

The football club has been playing out of Featherstone Rovers’ Millennium Stadium in recent seasons and though that has been a lifesaver for Wakefield FC, they are now able to move home to Belle Vue.

In terms of bringing the club back into the actual city, it has a major boost for FC according to chairman Gui Decca – especially with the latest redevelopment of the stadium.

“(Wakefield) Trinity see the benefit of having a football club in the stadium and we see the benefit of being with a Super League club,” Decca told BBC Radio Leeds.

“It’s in the middle of the city and it is a traditional club. We needed to grow within the city of Wakefield first before we tackled the district.

“I’m excited with the renovation – it’s going to be a state of the art stand and a hybrid pitch. There are so many advantages for the club as a whole and I was really keen to get it done.

“The renovation is a big plus as with the weather currently there have been so many cancellations in this league. A hybrid pitch and a drainage system, and a new stand these are all great and adds to our decision.

“You won’t play in a better stadium than this in many leagues above ours.”

In terms of the benefits for Trinity, Decca was keen to outline two major areas in which the rugby league club will thrive with the football club being at Belle Vue.

“I think it’s good to have more clubs as part of the stadium and I think that’s important for Wakefield Trinity. We can also help in other areas. For example, we are very strong in sport analytics which we could partner with Trinity moving forward.

“I still think we need a training facility, a base and we are trying to work with the council. We are ready to invest in a training facility which Trinity can also join so there are a few ideas we have been discussing and Trinity will benefit from that.”

Exciting times to be a Wakefield fan!