New York consortium growing frustrated at wait

The consortium bidding to enter a New York-based side in the Rugby Football League have received expressions of interest from other sports as they continue to wait for a verdict on whether their application has been a success.

This week marks the one-year anniversary of when the consortium, led by Ricky Wilby, declared their intention to enter a side from New York in the domestic league structure, stating then that they wanted to join as soon as 2019.

However, they continue to wait on an answer from the RFL, and that has alerted rugby union to the ongoing frustration over delays surrounding a Rugby League verdict.

Union, like League, has grand plans for expansion in North America, and while it is unclear what competitions have reached out to the New York team to gauge their interest in launching a 15-man franchise, League Express understands they have been contacted about the possibility of forming a union team.

Wilby declined to comment when approached by League Express, but it is understood the consortium’s priority is still to form a Rugby League side to compete in the American city, though they have conceded defeat in their battle for inclusion in 2019.

Instead, they are now working on a 2020 launch date.