Nigel Wood leaves Super League board

RFL Chief Executive Nigel Wood has left the board of Super League Europe (SLE), although he will continue to act as the Chief Executive of the Super League body.

As the chief executive he will now answer to the newly constituted board of directors of SLE, for which RFL Chairman Brian Barwick remains on the board and will continue as Chairman.

To replace Mr Wood, all of the 12 current Super League clubs will have a nominee on the board instead.

It is a move that could potentially give clubs a much greater say in the logistical and structural problems that have plagued Super League in recent seasons, but, it could also bring the numerous disagreements between clubs over issues such as the salary cap well to the fore.

Wood has come under heavy criticism in his role as Chief Executive of the RFL in recent years, not least when the revelation that his 2016 salary amounted to a whopping £314,000 whipped up a frenzy amongst Rugby League supporters.

An RFL spokesman clarified an earlier version of this story that revealed that Mr Wood had left SLE, without making it clear that it was the board of directors of the organisation that he was leaving.

An in-depth interview with Nigel Wood can be found in this week’s edition of League Express.