No further funds for Watson to boost Salford squad

Salford will not be making any further signings ahead of the season after head coach Ian Watson was informed no additional funds were available.

The Red Devils head coach had previously revealed his wish of adding another outside back to complete his squad for 2018, but the ongoing takeover of the club left him uncertain of the budget available to him.

However, with the club now under new ownership, Watson confirmed the club was not in a position to sign another player.

“We can’t do anything at the moment,” he told TotalRL.

“We’ve got to be a club together and we’ve got to generate more interest and generate more money.

“On the back of that if you’ve got more supporters, more money coming in, more season ticket sales and more sponsorship coming in then you can spend your salary cap. At the moment we’re not at that place.

“Marwan fronted the bill on that and that was the beauty of having Marwan here because he wasn’t shy to say ‘you know what, I’ll cover that for you’. Now we have to do things the right way. To do that we have to have everyone involved and everyone buying into it.”

It means Salford will head into the season as one of the few clubs not spending up to salary cap. However, Watson has faith in his 27-man squad.

“I know the group we’ve got here and what we’ve been trying to build over the last couple of years. It’s about us continuing to evolve and hopefully this season you’ll continue to see us progress.

“I’ll back the players to the hilt and I trust them.”