NRL salary cap could reduce in 2020

The NRL salary cap for 2020 could be reduced as a result of negative off-field behaviour by players.

The collective bargaining agreement (CBA) contains a provision which states that “adverse changes” can give the NRL power to hit the players where it hurts, if revenue drops dramatically.

The CBA allows for downward revision in the event that NRL revenue reduces by £10 million in one year, compared to initial forecasts.

“The 2019 season has not even started yet,” a spokesman said. “We will not be in a position to estimate any impact on our finances until later this year.”

ARL Commission chair, Peter Beattie told last week that the game was expecting to lose millions, as the fallout from an off-season “train wreck” continues.  “I have a rough figure in my head but I’m not going to share it with you,” Beattie said.

“Let me give you a serious answer, nevertheless because it’s an important question. We have actually lost a lot of money. Let’s be really clear, we have lost millions out of this.  And we have to rebuild that.

“Some was potential losses. Some clubs have lost money, they told me, when I rung around and spoke to all the chairs, “because they have lost sponsors”,  which means potentially large losses.

“If you look at our financial figures, released to the chairs the other day, 2018 was a good year. We are in the black.

“But that was last year. When people see these figures they need to remember they’re for last year. This year it will not be as good, and it will not be as good because of the negative impact of some off-field behaviour.”