OPINION: The five best kits in Super League next year

Following Wigan’s kit release today, every Super League club has now revealed at least one of their jerseys for 2016.

Being the fashion experts that we are, we have decided to take it upon ourselves to pick the top five attires on offer next season.

Admittedly, this was an incredibly difficult decision to make, and it’s fair to say that every club has upped their game in the fashion department ahead of next year, but nevertheless, only the finest make the cut, and this is our top five.


5. Hull FC (home)

Hull FC

It’s simple, yet attractive. The black vee and matching slim black line on the sleeve make this one of the Airlie Birds’ most swanky numbers to date.

Everyone loves a classy white kit, but Hull have put their own spin on it and come out with a very nice jersey for next year.

It’s only at five because it lacks a bit of originality, but it’s definitely a shirt to wear with pride.

It has been promoted as ‘V4Victory’ by the club, let’s hope for their sake they’re correct.

4. Warrington (home)

WarringtonWarrington have once again delivered the goods in the fashion department with this bold new strip.

The slim tinge of primrose and white looks eloquent with the deep blue, and the patterning on the torso gives it a bit of character too.

We’re also a fan of the primrose collar, and if Warrington were to enjoy success this year, they’ve got the kit to go with it.


3. Leeds (away)Leeds Rhinos

Admittedly, this kit is going to be a love it or hate it job, but we absolutely adore it.

You can always rely on Leeds to come up with something a bit different with their away kit, and whilst most have been impressive, this is probably the best one yet.

Grey and lime green isn’t a combination we’d  normally walk around in, but Leeds fans will most certainly enjoy showing off this attire. It’s trendy, and the small hoops could almost make this kit be taken for a high store polo, which is a hard thing to do with sporting attire.

Good work by the Rhinos here.

2. Wigan (home)Wigan 2016

Wigan have gone for some elaborate designs over recent years to add variation to the usual cherry and white hoops, and they haven’t always pulled it off.

But this year they most certainly have, combining the stripes with a crisp diagonal pattern that will keep the traditionalists and the trendsetters equally appeased.

The white shoulders and red sleeves look neat, and the body is extremely smart.

This kit is so good, we’ll let them off with their third kit…

1. Catalans (away – black & gold)New-Catalans-Dragons-Shirt-2016

Ooh la la! This kit is so good we’d go to bed cuddling it.

Producing arguably the most sophisticated kit of the Super League era, their black and gold design is the most elegant thing we think we’ve ever seen.

Maybe it’s the fact that black is good for hiding the winter fat, or perhaps it’s because the gold vee is just a thing of perfection, either way it’s just wonderful.

The only problem with this kit is that it’s too beautiful to get dirty.