Patrick Ah Van out “indefinitely” for Widnes

Widnes Vikings have confirmed that winger Patrick Ah Van has been ruled out “indefinitely” for the club, after a concussion issue that has kept him sidelined.

Ah Van will not feature this Thursday and potentially for the next few weeks after the blow, which has failed to clear up, leaving Vikings coach Denis Betts admitting the club have to be smart with the injury given the severity of it.

The Vikings boss said he will have to wait for his symptoms to disappear before going through a week of training so that he can even be considered for selection again.

“Patrick has got some concussion issues at the moment,” Betts said. “We’re just being really smart with him.

“He got hit on the head in a game and had a bit of delayed concussion. His symptoms have kept resurfacing when he’s been putting the effort into training so, under medical advice, we’ve had to step him back and take our time with him.

“At the moment he’s in some kind of sabbatical. He’s sat at home waiting for his symptoms to calm down. We’re monitoring him almost daily.

“When he’s ready to go, he’ll have to go through six or seven days of training before he’s allowed to be up for selection. That’s in the medical people’s hands.”