Paul Gallen admits he’d be open to speaking with New York franchise

Paul Gallen v Keighley? Paul Gallen v London Skolars? Paul Gallen v Hemel?

All far-fetched prospects once upon a time, but with the news that a team from New York are looking to enter the RFL’s league structure in 2019, it has suddenly become much more of a distinct possibility.

Australia and New South Wales legend Gallen has been consistently linked with a move to the northern hemisphere in the latter years of his career – but amazingly, it seems like it could be a League 1 team which could lure him to these shores, albeit via New York in the process!

Speaking to Australia’s Daily Telegraph, Gallen admitted that he would be open to speaking to the people behind the franchise in a bid to secure a move there, adding that he’s a huge fan of New York in general.

“New York is my favourite city in the world,” Gallen said. “I’ve been there two or three times. I really like it.

“The opportunity to go there and help get a team started, to be a bit of a pioneer for the sport over there, it would be a pretty cool thing to say when you retire.

“I definitely wouldn’t mind having a chat to them. The lure of living and working in New York City would be great and be of interest to a lot of players.

“There would be a number of things to weigh up with family, but without a doubt it would be something you’d have a chat to them about.

“For someone like myself, who has been able to achieve everything over here, to go and help a team get started would be a nice way to finish your career. It would be something I would look at, for sure.”