Peacock: Canberra will be “fuming” with Hodgson

Jamie Peacock believes Canberra Raiders will be “fuming” after a video featuring new signing Josh Hodgson destroying a door in a student flat was uploaded to YouTube and seen by thousands.

The England hooker was with some of his team-mates following the final game of their Four Nations campaign.

Speaking on the BBC’s Four Nations highlights show, Peacock said: “No-one got hurt, but I think Canberra, privately, will be fuming.

“They will be thinking what have we signed here with Josh.”

Hodgson, 25, will be disciplined by England and the NRL’s Don Furner confirmed the former Hull KR star will be “spoken to” upon his arrival in Australia.

“Josh has said that he is embarrassed by what he has done and he will be spoken to further when he arrives at club headquarters,” said Furner.

“That sort of behaviour is unacceptable at the Raiders.”

Peacock added: “You are allowed to let off some steam but, Don Furner is right, that behaviour is unacceptable.”