Pearson admits 2016 will be long season “financially”

Hull FC owner Adam Pearson has admitted that the season is going to be a long one “financially” – after revealing they have lost nearly 1,000 supporters on last year’s season ticket total.

The club have sold 5,700 season tickets for the new season, which represents a loss of nearly a thousand on the total for 2015.

There is still a few weeks left for fans to buy passes for the new season, but Pearson admitted to the Hull Daily Mail that there’s only one way to boost attendances once again – and that’s to build a winning team and a winning culture, especially at the KC Stadium.

“We had hoped to keep hold of everybody from last season but clearly we’ve lost nearly 1,000 supporters despite assembling a very good squad which we feel will have a real go,” Pearson said.

“Financially the season is going to be a long one, but our focus now is on those loyal and passionate 5,700 who have renewed.

“To get the attendances up again and those others back all we can do is win games and play good rugby.

“Hopefully that will help bring the supporters back and we’ll do our very best to get to where we all want to be.”