POLL | Should the Challenge Cup semi-finals be staged as a double header?

The semi-finals have been and gone, but the debate most certainly has not.

The decision to stage the two games at Doncaster and Warrington caused some frustration from some sections, who were somewhat bemused by the lack of ambition to host the games in bigger stadia to more people.

Nevertheless, both games were, or were very close to being a sell-out, and as a result a good atmosphere was created at both games.

Challenge Cup attendances are not what they were in the past, so is it time to change?

Last week we asked you for your opinion on what would be best for the future of Challenge Cup semi-finals. Should it be a double header, or should they stay as they are?

Now League Express are asking that too in their latest readers’ poll. But there’s a slight twist.

Although the prospect of a double header is an option, there are three alternatives. One option is to vote for a double-header to be staged in a heartland area, while the other is in a development area. The third and final choice is to keep them as separate occassions.

It certainly poses a difficult question and there are arguments both to keep them as separate entities or to combine them. But what do you want? Cast your vote below.