POLL: Have Leigh vindicated the Super 8s?

When the Super 8s concept was originally released, one of the main concerns expressed was the feasibility of promotion to Super League.

Although the Qualifiers were designed to provide Championship clubs with a pathway into the top flight, many believed it was an unrealistic bridge for any Championship club to cross. However, with Leigh securing promotion at the second attempt, the scepticism surrounding promotion and relegation has now changed.

But has the Super 8s been vindicated?

It is a debate that has rumbled on through social media since the Centurions earned promotion with victory over Huddersfield at LSV, and opinions are quite mixed.

While some believe the concept has now been justified, there are others that claim work still needs to be done to consider it a success. The number of games being played, the amount of ‘dead rubbers’ in the Super 8s and a drop in attendances are some of the main complaints being made, while others would like to see more teams involved in the play-offs.

There are also those who believe that there are too many flaws in the concept and that the structure of all the competitions needs re-evaluating.

It goes without saying that every concept used in the Super League era has had its pros and cons, and while this is no different, people are being more vocal than ever.

Now it’s time to have your say, cast your vote below to tell us how you feel about the Super 8s.