Poll: Should obstruction be taken away from video refs?

In Thursday’s televised clash between Salford and Wigan at the AJ Bell Stadium, Phil Bentham referred no less than four first half tries to the video referee, all of which were ruled out for obstruction. This is not an exceptional case – it seems the majority of televised Super League clashes are plagued with such referrals, which not only disrupt any rhythm or momentum the game has generated, but prevent consistency. You see, video referees aren’t at every game and it is fair to say at least two of the tries ruled out by Ben Thaler on Thursday would have been given at a normal game.

League Express editor Martyn Sadler wrote recently that he thinks the option of referring obstruction claims to video referees should be taken away. And in this week’s edition of the paper (click the link to download the latest issue or find it in your local newsagent), he called for readers to visit this website and cast their vote on the matter. What do you think? Should obstruction calls be left on the field or are video referees essential to ensure laws are followed?

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