Powell blasts error-strewn Cas

Castleford head coach Daryl Powell refused to use injuries as an excuse following Castleford’s 32-16 defeat to Salford.

The Tigers had a number of key men out, notably Ben Roberts, in their second consecutive defeat.

However, Powell insisted that the Tigers have more pressing issues to address, most notably the number of mistakes being made throughout games.

“It’s disappointing,” he said. “There’s too many poor things in our game at the minute.”

“As you’ve seen there’s been a fair share of injuries in Super League and we’ve been belted with our fair share at the moment, we have some outstanding Rugby League players sat on their backsides at the moment, but I’m not making any excuses, we’ve got to improve.

“Rugby League is a game for tough men and we’re going to have to be really tough in the next week.”