Powell has eyes on offensive ‘evolution’ with Castleford

Castleford have never failed to excite under Daryl Powell.

Their expansive, flashy, perhaps even classy brand of rugby has been a highlight for many in recent years, and Powell insists that supporters can expect more of the same this year.

The Tigers have put a lot of emphasis on their defence in the off-season, as was perhaps emphasised in their impressive 22-6 victory over St Helens at the weekend.

However, with the tries still flowing at a rapid rate, Powell insists that the Tigers are looking to evolve their arsenal again ahead of the season.

“I look at the team and it’s fully functioning. I’m excited to watch this team and what they can do,” Powell said.

“The thing from our perspective is that we’re always looking to tweak things. Teams think we’re going to do one thing, but we want to throw something different at them that makes them wonder where it came from.

“If you play with three halfbacks, if Benny plays fullback, they all have special qualities. That could become anything that. You don’t want to confuse players by any stretch, but that could be really exciting.”

Following an impressive pre-season schedule, Powell is now contemplating a number of selection dilemmas ahead of their Super League opener against Leigh. In particular, the identity of his backline is a particular predicament.

“Wherever you look we have some great depth and I’ve told the boys they have to show me where they want to play.

“It’s going to be interesting to see where people fit. I haven’t made my mind up on any of it yet.

“Jake Webster and Michael Shenton are front line centres, but Greg (Minikin) looks so much better this year. Just with his confidence around the place, he looks strong and quick and looks like he’ll be a real good player wherever he plays this year.”

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