Pryce would like to be involved in Bradford redevelopment

Bradford Bulls half-back Leon Pryce has revealed that he would like to be involved in any potential redevelopment of the club upon an expected reformation in the next fortnight.

Pryce has only just returned to his hometown club for the 2017 season after a decade away from Odsal, with the club unexpectedly liquidated on Tuesday, just weeks out from the new season.

Several players have since found new clubs having been made free agents as a result of the liquidation – but Pryce, like coach Rohan Smith, has insisted he wants to be involved in a new club.

When asked by former Bulls team-mate Robbie Hunter-Paul on his radio show, Pryce said: “Absolutely I’d still like to be involved. I’m a Bradford lad and I still live locally. We need to redevelop this club.

“We need a Bradford Bulls. People from Bradford are given nothing; they go to work and they work hard, and they’re given nothing. With the money we get we like to go and pay a bit of money to watch Bradford City or our rugby team.

“When I started watching the Bulls we had someone like you (Hunter-Paul) – and I wanted to play for the Bulls – who have our kids got to look up to? As Bradford people, we need a good Bradford Bulls, and that’s the most important thing.”

Pryce also shed some light on how desperate the situation has been amongst the Bulls players throughout an almost two-month period of uncertainty.

“It’s not nice. There have been kids that have been in tears and ringing up some of the Academy coaches not knowing what they’re’ going to do.

“That really brought it home to me; these kids are at the start of their journey and I’m at the end of mine. If I didn’t play anymore then at least I’ve had a good career out of it. I’m sure it’ll be sorted eventually; we’ve got to look at the positives, we’ll reform and we’ll take these kids back on and we’ll rebuild.”