Radford admits post-Widnes comments were “schoolboy error”

Hull FC coach Lee Radford has admitted that he shouldn’t have revealed that his players held a meeting without the coaching staff following last Thursday’s loss to Widnes – declaring it a “schoolboy error”.

Radford sensationally revealed to the press after the 46-6 loss that he and his coaching staff were kicked out of the dressing room as the squad held a players-only meeting in light of the heavy defeat.

But Radford explained that those meetings happen more than the solitary occasion at Widnes last week, and says that he shouldn’t have revealed it to the media in the way that he did.

He told the Hull Daily Mail: “I shouldn’t have said to the press what I did in the way I did to be honest.

“It was a schoolboy error on my part. I’d love to say I did it on purpose and say I manipulated the press because there are cameras outside everywhere.

“I’d love to say I did a Jose Mourinho and manipulated everyone.”