Radford encourages Schofield to continue criticising his players after Sneyd hat-trick

Marc Sneyd silenced Garry Schofield with a hat-trick against Huddersfield, but Hull FC head coach Lee Radford called on Schofield to carry on criticising his players!

The former Hull star had blasted Sneyd in the week, insisting he couldn’t pass.

However, Sneyd hit back by setting up the opening try before grabbing three himself, and Radford insists Schofield is free to say whatever he likes about his players if it prompts a response similar to Sneyd’s.

“Schoey lit a bit of a fuse with his comments so, if that’s the response, he can keep doing that as often as he likes. Marc did not bat an eyelid about it but he is made of the stuff that does not react to criticism.

“His temperament is perfectly suited to being a number seven at the Black and Whites and does not fold under that sort of pressure.”

The Black and Whites were far superior to their under-strength opponents, but Radford admitted he was pleased with the manner of their victory.

“When we saw their team and the number of players they had out it’s always worrying that we might drop our guard. It’s uncanny for a team to have so many players out after just three or four rounds but we were not complaining when we saw their team.

“You hope that your players don’t take anything for granted and their young blokes had a go so I am pleased. I thought our defence was really good – we conceded a couple of tries on our left edge, so we’ll have to fix that up but we put a lot of ball down in backfield so had to defend well.”