Recruitment on hold for Giants

Simon Woolford admits that Huddersfield Giants have made no thorough plans for recruitment as it continues to deal with the implications of Covid-19.

Clubs are technically free to speak to out-of-contract players as May 1st arrived on Friday.

But Woolford warned not to expect a flurry of transfer activity, with clubs’ priorities currently elsewhere, including his own.

“It’s gone to the background for a bit,” Woolford said.

“Staying afloat, finances, when we start, what it will look like when we do are all the current discussions that we’re having.

“Recruitment is important, but from our point of view, while we may have some targets, I think all clubs will be in a similar position to us.”

Among the issues is the fact clubs don’t currently know what their budgets for next season will look like, making both recruitment and retention problematic.

“There are some players out there off-contract who interest us, but it’s taken a back seat.

“Clubs staying afloat are more important. Do we know we’re going to be here? That’s more dramatic and drastic, but there are so many variables at the moment.

“We’d have seven or eight off-contract looking to put their best foot forward and get a new deal that we can’t make a call on yet either, so it’s going to take some time before we or any other club gets to that.”