Red Devils eager to sign Brierley

Salford are being forced to play a waiting game in their pursuit of Ryan Brierley.

The Red Devils would be keen to land the Toronto halfback, who has yet to play a game this season, but are unable to make a move because of the circumstances surrounding his exit from the Wolfpack.

Toronto and Brierley are at loggerheads over his departure, with his payout proving to be a stumbling block. Brierley still has two years remaining on his deal with the club, but the Wolfpack want to move him on.

However, the two parties can’t come to terms on his payout. Salford are only in a position to sign the 26-year-old on a reduced deal. While it’s believed Brierley has no issues with signing for less money, that will only happen if he can agree his payout from Toronto. But Toronto and Brierley are currently some distance apart financially.

As a result, Salford are having to wait patiently for that to be resolved before they can make a move for the former Huddersfield man.

In the meantime, Brierley’s representatives could apply for special dispensation to free him up in any move. Because of Toronto’s desire to move on the halfback, the RFL can allow any other interested clubs special dispensation to sign him for a salary the governing body believe to be his worth.

Brierley is currently considered to be over-valued on the market, but the RFL could allow clubs who don’t have the cap space to sign him on a revised value they deem appropriate, provided he can come to terms on his exit with the Wolfpack.